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Clubs Activities


        Various clubs activities uplifts the physical, social and literary skills of our students to higher level. They are well aware of happenings in our society and makes them more compassionate and loving through studies of history and culture.

        Social science clubs helps the students to achieve all these skills. Most of the national days and historic programmes conducted by conducted by Social Science Club.

Literary Club manages all the literary activities of school. Students actively participate in various activities conducted by literary club. Arts & Crafts exhibition is a mile stone in its formation. Reading week, reading corners are important activities organized by the club. Teachers from various language departments selected as the heads of this group. They work together to setup a better school environment and through imaginative ideas.

        Live with nature learn from nature the Science Club takes an important role in students mind. Science club makes the students more thoughtful about our surroundings. Seminars and workshops conducted by Science Club, various in school activities are organized by science club.

        Mathematics club formed to make the mathematics more fun for the students. Quizzes puzzles and tips make students more interested in mathematics. Teachers from various levels conduct different competitions for students to drive them into the magical world of mathematics. To improve the fundamentals of mathematics, special classes provided by teaching experts.

        Moral Club has an important role in character making of students. Club activities focus to develop character, life and culture of the student. Moral club conducts special programmes and quiz competitions for students and family. The club tries to make better relationship with students and their family by giving special attention to the student’s character building. Family Quiz Competitions organized by Moral club, and it is a notable success of moral club.